Women in Construction

Virtual Event
Women in Construction 2024
March 7, 2024 at 1:00pm ET


This was the first time I attended a Women in Construction webinar and I loved it. All the speakers addressed relevant and interesting topics, and did such a great job at presenting them! Thank you.

First time attending. I’m a new employee with [omitted] and I really enjoyed this seminar. I would highly recommend.

Great work! All presentations were informative and polished. I loved that there was perspective from male allies, as well as women.

Flowed well and very informative. Loved the Kahoot session. This is the first one I’ve attended, and will be looking forward to more. The conversations were honest and enlightening. Super suggestions to put to use.

I loved the Work-Life balance section, in particular, because so many of us women try to be everything to everybody and face burnout. I liked the pointers given and will use them.

Hopefully we will receive a recording to go through later. It was a lot of information, and I would like to listen to what I missed, and listen again to the other great parts.

I am part of an Affinity Group for the company I work for. I run a monthly “Coffee Chat” where we discuss a lot of these [same] topics … and I still took 6 pages of notes to share with everyone!

This was my first time attending, and I thought the information shared was insightful, relative, and touched on a broad scope of topics and issues across the industry.

I enjoyed the format. I found it more engaging to have different types of formats and topics to keep it exciting, and found the chat formats especially interesting, making it feel less formal.