Women in Construction

Virtual Event
Women in Construction 2024
March 7, 2024 at 1:00pm ET

Session #4: Q&A: Work/ life balance

Host: Angela Doig, Project Manager, Graham Construction

  • Dawn Bloomer, Business Strategist and Leadership Coach, Productive Pressure
There is a lot of conversations around “accommodating” women in the construction sector, but don’t we all need to establish better work/ life balance? Rather than accommodations, this session will spark discussions about what can be done to help employers better establish and meet the needs of their employee, on and off the jobsite.

Angela Doig
Angela is a Project Manager at Graham Construction, where she manages site teams—primarily onsite—in the execution of infrastructure projects.

Since staring her career with Graham 12 years ago, she has had the opportunity to work on projects of varying types and sizes, and has facilitated Project Management courses across the organization.

Angela recently returned to her hometown of Calgary after a four-year stint in Toronto where, she says, “she worked on a very demanding, high-profile project that tested her boundaries of work-life balance, and required evolving leadership strategies to maintain team morale”.

Throughout her career, Angela has focused on integrating the appropriate management and leadership tools to support her project teams while meeting the varying demands of small, medium, and large projects in an ever-changing industry.

Dawn Bloomer
Dawn is a business strategist and leadership coach who works with successful entrepreneurs to get more out of their business and life with her proven Productive Pressure™ methodology.

Dawn began her entrepreneurial career as a veterinarian specializing in racehorses. As a vet, she focused on helping her clients get peak performance from their horses. As a business owner, she helped her practice grow to multiple seven figures, join forces with other practices, and eventually be acquired by a large aggregator. Along the way, she earned an MBA and worked with 100s of business owners. She discovered that regardless of industry, geography, or size, most business owners had similar challenges.

Dawn empowers business owners to step back from being the epicentre of their businesses, freeing up precious time to focus on getting what they want out of their business and life. She loves to talk about all things business strategy, self-leadership, work-life integration, and leveraging systems and processes for business optimization, leading to increased growth and profitability.

Her no-nonsense approach and deep concern for her clients make her the ideal strategic partner for business growth. Dawn’s ultimate goal is to help business owners identify what they want from their business and figure out how to get it.