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“Tools for success” sparks electrician career interest for Indigenous youth and young women

May 23, 2024
By Anthony Capkun Avatar photo
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May 23, 2024 – The goal behind a recent “Tools for Success” event was to spark interest in a career as an electrician for Indigenous youth and young women.

Organized by Skills Ontario with partners Sault College and Tenaris, the first event drew Indigenous youth to Tenaris to learn about the electrician trade by participating in a hands-on workshop led by Jon Pasiak, coordinator, Electrical Programs at Sault College. This was followed by a second event for young women.

After these sessions, participants would tour Tenaris and end the day with a panel discussion.

“By trying this skilled trade, we hope youth participating in the Tools for Success event last week see that becoming an electrician is a rewarding career, and are inspired to pursue that career further,” said Ashley Cuglietta, senior manager, DEI & Indigenous Relations, Skills Ontario.

Tools for Success is a series of in-person events hosted across the province to educate underrepresented people on use of tools, skilled trade and technology careers, and in-demand careers—specifically in the construction sector.

“We are glad to open our doors to show participating youth the important role an electrician has in an advanced manufacturing facility such as ours,” said Martin Castro, president, Tenaris in Canada.