Women in Construction

Girls can’t what? Crane operator launches industry stickers

October 31, 2019
By Jay Koblun
Presented by:
Crane and Hoist Magazine

London – Katie Kelleher, a crawler crane operator, launched stickers that highlight women in the crane and heavy lifting industry, reading: “Girls Can’t What??”.

Kelleher said she attended a Women’s Engineering Society event at Brookland’s Motor Museum where they handed out different, small stickers.

“I posted mine on social media and the feedback around that small sticker was great, however I felt it was missing an on site feel and wondered if I could make my own but pimp them up a bit —and you don’t get much cooler than a crane,” she said. “Plus the lack of females who operate cranes in the UK, I thought it could be quite cool to try and get the message out there, I do a good few school visits and thought I could bring these along.”

Kelleher said she was hoping parents would understand the message and want the stickers for their daughters, which is what has been happening.

For more information and how to get your hands on one of these stickers email katie@katiecranes.com or visit katiecranes.com.