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AD Canada Holds First Women in Industry Network Event

January 5, 2022
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The AD Canada’s Women in Industry Network was first introduced at the 2021 Virtual AD Supplier Summit – Industrial & Safety this past November, and the group expanded its reach during a special encore kickoff session on Dec. 14, bringing together members from all three AD Canada divisions (Plumbing & Heating/Electrical/Industrial & Safety). The objective is to unite men and women seeking to make an impact by supporting the success and development of women in traditionally underrepresented industries.

The virtual event included two panel discussions featuring successful women and men from a myriad of fields and background. Among the panelists were Diana Di Carlo, sales and operations manager at Desco Plumbing & Heating Supply, and Shelley Vallee-Ewing, co-founder at Women in HVACR Canada.

The topics of conversation ranged from the positive impacts of mentorship, diversity, equity and inclusion, to sharing personal stories of overcoming obstacles and relentlessly progressing toward breaking the ‘glass ceiling’.

AD Canada’s Women in Industry Network is a cross-divisional undertaking that is open to anyone from AD Canada’s member and supplier community looking to make a difference in advancing the achievement and growth of women in fields regarded as conventionally male-dominated.

Next on the Women in Industry’s agenda, in 2022 the initiative anticipates the chance to host additional panel discussions, facilitate cocktail receptions, hold themed workshops, and bring impactful guest speakers.


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