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ACTi update: COVID-19 effects on industry across North America and worldwide

April 27, 2021
By Jayson Koblun
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Women in Construction

COVID-19 has gripped industries throughout the world and has also affected All Canadian Training Institute Inc. (ACTi) in Edmonton, Alta. Perhaps because we did not understand the risks at the beginning, there was little thought as to how it would radically change the way businesses will move forward in the future. Due to the economic impact of lockdowns, the day-to-day operational requirements of many companies have forever changed. We have survived a worldwide attack of a virus that has had a catastrophic effect on the way businesses will continue in the future.

The most amazing thing is when our backs are against the wall, societies and industries worldwide get busy. We are now in the process of developing ways to continue operational requirements under these kinds of situations, should they reoccur in the future.

Before this, we have been quite comfortable in the daily operations of our companies, factories and industries worldwide, never giving a thought as to “What if” something was to happen, how would we deal with it? Well, that day has come, so how do we move forward from here?

What Changed

Just in this past year, people worldwide are now wearing masks and taking sanitation, sterilization, and social distancing far more seriously. I am now automatically putting on my mask and using sanitizer after handling my car keys before I go to work and get home in the evening. Most everywhere we go there are signs warning us: “Wearing of facemasks and use of hand sanitizer is mandatory on these premises.”

Companies are now also asking for your company policies, procedures and instructions as to the operations for those people coming on to their jobsite, such as exposure, social distancing, masks, gloves etc. Luckily, we have found effective ways to continue to promote and conduct our business in this new economy, but for every success story, there are several businesses that are indeed struggling to cope.

The Future

This “new normal” appears to be here for some time, and we will need to continue to find new and inventive ways to continue doing business, as well as ensuring worker safety on our jobsites.

Many platforms offer different solutions for contacting customers and allowing remote conferencing, reducing the risk of exposure. We have been able to take advantage of this new technology in regard to our own training products, offering our clients a more flexible option to satisfy their training needs.”


Judy Mellott-Green has almost 30 years of experience working in the overhead crane industry and was the recipient of the 2016 CSA Award of Merit in recognition of exemplary goal-oriented leadership. As president of the All Canadian Training Institute Inc. (ACTi) in Edmonton, Alta., Judy continues to participate on provincial, national and international safety committees to assist in improving standards and workers safety for those who utilize this type of equipment